Mission Statement

Providing leadership for healthier communities to grow their own organic produce, promoting awareness on the prevention of cancer and disease, through the science of food nutrition and healthy diets.


Our work involves working with landowners and farmers to establish plots for growing organic food. Community-based volunteers gain the skills to maintain these plots to produce nutritious, organic food to support people in need.


Members of the Organic Institute:

  • Co-ordinate land for community-based organic growing
  • Purchase seeds, organic compost, woodchip and equipment
  • Organise conventions┬ápromoting health, nutrition and organic food
  • Provide talks to school groups and communities
    • teaching the growing and cooking of organic produce
    • the science of food and nutrition, and
    • the science of epigenetics


Nutritional science provides the evidence that organic, nutritious food is essential in combatting modern diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.