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Please note: Due to the Covid19 lockdown our next convention will be on Sunday 13th June, 2021 at The Killeshin Hotel, Portlaoise.            


We are delighted to announce the huge success of our conference, “Environment, Organic Food & Health Convention” held in the Killeshin Hotel in Portlaoise on 19th November, 2019.

The convention drew together some of the world’s most acclaimed, sustainable and health care scientists and experts and it is highly unlikely that we will get the same scientists and experts in the same room, at the same time again.

It is very important to point out that these incredible speakers did not charge any fees for their presentations, they participated at our convention because they care about human health and the health of our planet.

Our convention was dedicated to the promotion of sustainable, organic nutrition and the understanding of it’s fundamental role in human health and ecology.

The one day event covered a wide range of compelling topics.

Gary Healy, President of The Organic Institute  His topic was “The Connection Between Environmental Destruction and Human Chronic Disease”.     He opened the convention stating, it is imperative that the causations of climate disaster, the degradation of our soils, the toxicity of our food, air and water, the plastic and toxic pollutions of our oceans and the destruction of our rain forests and our coral eco stystems is addressed.

Otherwise, we are leaving a shocking legacy to our children and our children’s children, and the real possibility that they will be the last line of defence for the survival of humanity and the planet.

He further stated that it is also imperative that farmers understand that the way they grow their food, and feed and rear their animals, is inextricably intertwined with human health.  Farmers must be educated, encouraged and financially supported to grow their produce, using organic regenerative farming practices, that will support human health and the environment.

His talk continued with highlighting the alarming annual increase in human chronic disease and unless we invest in researching prevention and causation, these alarming rates will continue to increase and continue to threaten and bankrupt our public health agencies.

Our contributing speakers were:-

Prof. Dana Flavin is a world renowned scientist, researcher and medical doctor.  She serves as honorary professor at De Montfort University, where she lectures in the pharmacology of food nutrients and off-label drugs in cancer care.  She has been advisor to the Director of The Bureau of Toxicology in the US Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.).  Dr Flavin is a world leading authority on non drug nutrient based adjunctive therapies in cancer medicine.

Dana’s topic was “Supplemental Therapy in Cancer”, which enhances standard therapies, decreases side effects, increases the immune system, shortens recovery time and promotes survival.

Dr. Robert Verkerk PhD is an Internationally acclaimed, multi disiplinary, sustainability scientist.  With a 30 year background in environmental, agricultural, food, nutrional and health sciences, he has a MSc and doctorate from Imperial College London, where he also worked as a post doctoral research fellow and he is a fellow of The American College of Nutrition.

Rob’s topic was “Reframing Food, Health & Communties Through the Lens of Sustainability”  He is the founder, executive and scientific director for Alliance for Natural Health International, a leading non-profit, research and education organisation seeking to optimise human health, through the use of natural and sustainable approaches to health care.

Conor Saunders is one of Ireland’s best known nutritional therapists, running busy practices in both Greystones and Galway.   His work marries an eclectic interest in all varieties of natural healing, together with a solid grounding in science.    He specialises in complex, chronic health issues from autism through chronic fatigue and lyme disease to cancer.  Conor also founded and runs a number of healthfood businesses.

His talk was “Going Back to Our Roots”, how and why nutrional therapy, drawing on the best of medical science, and traditonal dietary wisdom, is fast becoming the new medicine.

David Wilson is a soil scientist and Manager of The Royal Duchy Organic Farms at Highgrove.   Prince Charles chose David to manage the process of converting the very substancial Highgrove Estates to sustainable organic agriculture.

David spoke on “Mixed Sustainable/Organic Farming and the links between Soil, Plant, Animal and Human Health”.  

Patricia Daly BAH Hon, dipNT, mBANT,rCHNC is an experienced and Internationally recognised nutritional therapist.   Patricia has published books including “The Ketogenic Kitchen”, which she co-authored with Irish Chef Domini Kemp, which quikly became a bestseller around the world.

Patricia was speaking on “Low-carb, Real Food Lifestyles”, who should consider them and why they should be personalised.

Dr. Anthony Sharkey is qualified in medicine (TCD 1982), and was ordained as Buddhist in 1988.

He co-founded The Dublin Meditation Centre in 1991 and subsequently introduced 4,000 people to meditation and yoga.   He was the medical advisor and meditation teacher on the first Mindfulness course for patients with a medically diagnosed illness in Ireland.  His routines have their routes in TCM, Yoga Theory and Western Neuroscience

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