Speech at Dunshaughlin Harvest Festival

Gary Healy gives a talk on the connection between environmental destruction and human health.

The talk outlines how modern industrial farming practices, which use synthetic fertilisers, toxic fungicides, pesticides and herbicides, and the degradation of our soils, G M O’s, the destruction of our biological and ecological systems, the impurifying of our waters, the pollution and toxic plastics in our oceans and many more environmental issues, are all inextricably intertwined with human health.

We humans don’t just live on planet Earth, we also live off planet Earth and the question is can healthy beings live off a toxic planet,  of course not.  It is not rocket science,  if you continue to put toxins into your body, your body will become toxic and diseased.

The talk also explained that 97% of the worlds science shows that our beautiful planet and everything living on it, is heading for the perfect storm from global warming.  Unfortunately very little is spoken about the massive increase in human chronic disease’s, like Cancer,Diabetes, Autism, Dementia etc.  The statics for current and future chronic human disease’s are quite shocking.  The World Health Organisation  has strongly advised  that we must shift our funding and research into prevention and causation,  unfortunately our healthcare industries and state healthcare agencies are not listening.

The talk ended with a plea to the audience, encouraging everybody to grow their own chemical free organic produce, that will support adult and children’s health.

The audience was also reminded that if most people did little beneficial things every day,  collectively that massively helps eliminate our many problems,  however if most people do absolutely nothing everyday , collectively that massively contributes to our many problems.



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