International Biological Farming Conference

I attended this wonderful two day Biological Conference at The Bridge Hotel, Tullamore, Co.Offaly.

The conference was organised and promoted by the National Organic Training Skillnet,

The two day event featured some of the rock stars of biology from the United States, Canada and Europe.  Biological farming focuses more on the soil biology than soil chemistry and as many farmers are finding, they can reduce input costs while improving soil structure.

The conference was opened by Sean McGloin (N.O.T.S), and chairperson James McDonald (Teagasc).

Day 1     Included the following:-

Microbiology underpinning soil health and implications for soil management — transitioning to biological farming — stockless rotations and how that works in cereal growing — how biological farming can be adapted to livestock production — biological farming and how that can be used to enhance horticulture production — soil and carbon control.

Day 2

Combining green manures with compost — mob grazing — biological farming beef production systems — the journey to biological farming making organic bio compost — soil inoculants — how to start practical bio farming techniques.

In the evening after day 1, I met some of these exciting scientists, biologists and some of our world’s greatest organic growers over dinner.  The discussion started in the bar and continued over dinner.

People like:-

Gary Zimmer   (USA),  known as the father of biological agriculture.   Gary wrote several books, including The Biological Farmer and Advancing Biological Farming and numerous articles on soils and livestock nutrition.

Joel Williams  (Canada),  Joel has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in plant and soil dynamics, he has worked on both conventional and biological farming practices and consults with farmers around the world.

Dan Kittredge  (USA),  Dan’s organisation works through training farmers in biological principles, facilitating original and collaborative research.  His experience in managing organic farms and devoping sustainable agricultural techniques has connected Dan to farmers in Central America, Russia, India and the US.  Dan also explained in precise detail the negative effects caused by glyphosate on the gut flora, which may lead to autism, cancer and disease.

Robbie Burns  (Ireland),  Robbie holds a degree in animal crop production and a masters degree in soil and crop nutrition.  His is dedicated in providing nutritional advice to farmer clients to help improve yield and the quality of their produce.

These are just a few of the many expert speakers that I connected to that evening at the bar and during the course of our dinner.

The conference has shown that healthy organic soils leads to healthy organic crops and this produces chemical free nutritious foods and massively contributing to the benefits of human health, after all ……WE   ARE   WHAT   WE   EAT



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  1. Kay Reply

    Through a link I’ve noticed I missed a very important workshop – will it be repeated next year – I know lots of people I can open this up to

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